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We are an integrated media productions company based in the heart of Pakistan, the metropolitan city of Karachi. In very simple terms, we provide a physical place for the production of media art, television and radio content as well as performing arts. The Producer is much more than merely a house of media production. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for any type of media production, our company is the place to be. We cater to all your media needs as we deal in all corporate productions, be it film making, music production, television commercial development, or any of your production requirements (Please refer to the complete list of our services that follow).

Owing to our vertically integrated structure, we provide our customers with digital agency services, creative development and a complete facility that houses service film, television and various media production tools. All our methods and equipment are of the latest design and top most quality, not so that we compete with other similar firms in the industry, but to enable us to serve our customers better and give them more than they expect. For the same reason, we spend a major portion of our funds on customer service, a significant part of which is post-service feedback. Our chief priority has always been our clientele and we strive to give them more value than what can be bought.

A glance at our past illustrates some major clients that we have worked and delivered value to. Some of these are famous, global brands and their trust in us only makes us work harder and more efficiently. The industry that we work in requires competitive and skilled personnel as a lot of funds are at stake. We only employ professionals and artists who have shown commendable results in their work. There is a great working and learning environment at our company which allows and motivates the new workers and staff to mix with their more experienced counterparts and learn from them.

We also encourage healthy competition amongst our workers which leads to personal development as well as better quality work.
Team work is one of our core work ethic and it incorporates proper division of labour. Since our personnel come from various fields in arts and possess a diverse set of skills, we focus strongly on integrating their skills so as to ensure that every part of a project is completed by a professional with the precise skill for that job.

Although we believe more in skills and results, we realize the edge that personnel with high-level qualifications bring. Employees that have qualifications from reputed institutes usually bring about and maintain a smooth and professional work environment which we prefer. On the same account, we only hire professionals who have good qualifications from known universities or institutes. In addition, the tasks of a particular production are only allotted to an employee who has prior experience and has shown good results in that specific field.
Therefore, we promise that whatever work you approach us for, it will be handled by qualified and experienced people who will treat your job as their own. So once you hand over your work to us, you just need to sit back and relax; and wait for results to follow!

Other services (Miscellaneous)
Image Consultancy
Client Servicing
Creative Development
Talent Management
Music Production
Archive Marketing Services
Image Enhancement
Layout Design (Print & Web)
Character Design
Corporate Stationery
Graphics & Animation Art Direction
Digital Template Design
Stock Vectors
Digital marketing services
Website Design and Management
Social Media Management
Post Production
Stock footage
In-House Studio
Script development
Promotional films
Preproduction services
HD and UHD Video Facilities
Television Commercials
When it comes to advertising your product, TV commercials are one of the best way to get the message to the target audience. However, in the few seconds that you have to showcase your product, it is really important to grab the attention of the viewer, create a need for your product in their minds and then promise to deliver value. Ensuring all this in a mere 30 second advertisement is an art and something you cannot trust everyone with. With us, you can be sure of connecting to your audience in the exact manner you want, making it informal and effective at the same time. In the past we have worked with a number of companies to advertise their products and have been successful in boosting their sales. As with artist promotion, we make our best efforts to get your television commercial broadcasted at the peak TV times and achieve the greatest outreach for any given advertisement.
The following is an extensive list of our services:
Drama Making
Drama making is usually a challenge for media production companies as it combines a number of media arts such as acting and music. The need to captivate the viewer and build suspense is quite significant and we have a lot of experience and expertise in the same. We have worked with well-known actors and have the required facilities and equipment for drama making at a very competitive level.
Artist promotion (All Services)
We provide international & local promotions and releases DVD & Audio CDs to artists even every type of social media promotions so artist get international & local shows because of these things artists get their worth & they will also get fame. All old artists even new talent needs marketing promotions, without promotions artist cannot get a fame.
Artist promotion is yet another realm in which we thrive and specialise. We understand the fact that there is huge skill and potential out there and it is all about getting the opportunity and just one breakthrough. We treat your success as our own and strive to give you the best and most unparalleled exposure that you can get.
The promotion of artists is something that we take very seriously for the reasons mentioned above and also what is our speciality. In the past, we have been the reason behind very successful promotions of artists as our media productions can guarantee you the best public outreach to offer. We start with the content in which our priority is to ensure that the skills and expertise of the artist are clearly exhibited to the target audience according to what they require. On completion of the production, we use our contacts and reach to get it to as many viewers as possible.
We have always worked our best and mostly been successful in broadcasting our production at the peak hours of television viewing; to ensure the highest number of people watching it.
Music Video Making
As you might agree on this, the complementarity of a video and its background music is key to create the right impact and transmit the message to the viewer in the best way possible. When it comes to television commercials for instance, it is essential to use the few seconds at disposal in the most effective manner, something you can totally rely on us with, thanks to our expert personnel and diverse set of instruments. Our staff provides guidance and manages your music right from recording to mastering with some of the most unique and quality mixing. We use the latest software that is also used by some of the biggest media production houses in the world and can promise to give you the same product as them but at a much lower price.
Music Production
In every era of mass media since its inception, music has remained the heart and soul of any particular production. However insignificant and simple to create it may seem, even a few seconds of music has the power to influence and touch the masses. What’s more, as recent researches suggest, music has the power to stimulate certain emotions and reactions, which, if carefully worked on, can slant the viewer’s decision in favour of your product. Our trained and professional musicians, composers, and instrumentalists promise to deliver and get your message across to your audience in a crystal clear way so that they know exactly what your product offers.
As is very clear by the title, this is a process of making the film right from the idea or storyline to the eventual editing and screening in front of the audience. A number of discrete stages such as casting, sound recording, shooting etc. are involved and we can assure you our expertise and professional services at each step. Our personnel are well-versed in the art of film making and will make sure that you get the right mix of skill and experience in what you need.

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