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Awazein | Imran Zak

Awazein is a song of love & soul because voices remain but love lives on forever…❤️
Singer: Imran Zak
Composition: Aurangzeb Khalidi
Directed & Edited: Abid Iqbal
Asst. Director: Jahangir Waheed
Lyrics: Kashaaf Iqbal
DOP: Fahad Mehar Raga
Guitars: Yastoor Ghori
Music: Shahgil Ali
Mix & Master: Areeb Ali Khan
Model: Seema Noor
Produce By: Imran Zak

Aey Mitti | Imran Zak

I delicate this song to our National Heroes and who sacrificed their lives for the honor of our beloved country Pakistan. Singer and composer: Imran Zak

Woh Pal | Imran Zak

Woh Pal by Imran Zak & Seema Noor, this is pure romantic song, Love is the extreme which can never decrease, which keeps on increasing and this is the sign of true love.
Singer: Imran Zak & Seema Noor
Composition & Lyrics: Imran Zak
Directed by: Arif Ahmed
Asst. Director: Jahangir Waheed
DOP: Salman Rind
Guitars: Yastoor Ghori
Music: Aurengzaib Khalidi & Hammad Ali
Produce By: Imran Zak

Pyaas | Imran Zak

Pyaas is a pop and rock song combination with a thrilling story base and I hope this song beats will blow music lovers mind with extra ordinary pop music.
Singer & Composer : Imran Zak
Music : Emad Rahman & Yastoor Ali Khan
Lyrics : Raniya Rai & Imran Zak
Guitars : Aurangzeb Khalidi
Director : Abid Iqbal
DOP : Fahad Mehar Raga
Asst. Director : Jahangir Waheed
Mix & Master : Emad Rahman
Makeup Artist : Seema Noor
Story Board : Jahangir Waheed
Produce By : Imran Zak

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